First Comes Love

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One fake job listing. 1,000 real writers responded.

Adult film scenes from Craigslist, acted out live on stage.


A few years ago, comedian and bored drunk Kyle Ayers decided to post a fake job on Craigslist, out of pure curiousity. He put an ad up, claiming to be a producer for a very prominant adult film (porn) company. "Send me your best three to four page porn script. I want to find the 'next big thing in adult film writing.' And make it weird."

He wasn't sure what to expect, but he certainly didn't expect the flood of responses. Over 1,000 responses in just under a week. Musicals, movie spoofs, personal experiences put down on pages, sex toys you've never even heard of, everything. Over a thousand scripts and (still!) growing. After a while, Kyle decided it was time to do something with these scripts. 

Using the talents of some of the best comedians around (and willing members of the audience!), First Comes Love honors this aspiring porn writers by acting these scripts out, live on stage. Word for word, line for line, typo for typo, comedians, actors, and audience members pay tribute through performance, and get really, really weird. Props, costumes, everything that would make up a bad high school theater production.

First Comes Love has been featured in the SF Sketchfest, Riot LA Festival, Brooklyn Comedy Festival, Comedy Takeover in Houston, and more! 



Audience Feedback by Loraine Michaels: I was lucky enough to take in this Off-Broadway event and it was a doosie! Innovative and funny, yet tasteful given the possibilities. I even met my partner there, waiting for the doors to open and then sitting next to one another in the theatre. Our story could have been on stage. I learned that she worked for an online reputation management firm on the west coast as a sales rep. I have my own search engine optimization company here in NYC. We're basically in the same business, since her company uses seo to clean up negative search results by optimizing harmless pages until they outrank a problem result. That effectively pushes it down and hopefully off of page 1. They also do a lot of other tasks, but search removal is their moneymaker. I use seo to advance client websites. I sometimes hire a small outfit that handles search results removals for me, but most of my work is straight ahead going for the high ranks. Anyway, after the show I convinced her to come work for me, and we've been together ever since!

Audience Feedback by Willa Stevens: My mother read about this show and wanted to go. I read the reviews and suspected she might not realize what this is about - perhaps too risque for her sensibilities. But she insisted and we made plans. She was spending the holidays with me in NYC, but actually lives in an assisted living facility in Maryland - Hart Heritage Estates. She loves it there and has lots of very conservative friends she interacts with, so I was very skeptical about this show until I saw her reaction to it. I have to tell you I was shocked that she laughed at jokes that would have been considered "dirty" when I was young. Turns out she totally enjoyed herself, as did I just observing my mother showing me a side of her I've never seen. And I loved it.


Nov 5
10:00 pm22:00

This Election Blows: Off-Broadway for ONE NIGHT

  • Lynn Redgrave Theater

First Comes Love is going off-broadway in New York for one night only, sending this election season off with a bang! Days before election day, come relive why this whole thing blows.

Saturday, November 5 // 10p // The Lynn Redgrave Theater / $15 online, $20 at door


With a cast featuring Matteo Lane, Corrine Fisher, Joel Kim Booster, Tim Dillon, Christi Chiello, Will Miles, Courtney Maginnis, Nick Naney, Will Winner, and many more!

Oct 7
10:00 pm22:00

Hell Yes Festival - New Orleans - October 7

  • Cafe Istanbul

First Comes Love is in The Big Easy! At Hell Yes Fest! in New Orleans

Friday, October 7 - 10p Doors


Oct 6
9:00 pm21:00

at POETS in Lafayette, LA

  • Poets

First Comes Love comes to Lafayette, LA! 


At POETS (1043 Johnston Street) - 9pm

Jun 8
7:00 pm19:00

First Comes Love, CARNIVAL, and HOWL Launch Party!

  • The Bell House

First Comes Love is becoming a mini-series on Howl, Earwolf's premium podcast service! To celebrate, we are throwing a launch party and show and carnival! Comedians make homemade carnival games, you play them, then we have a show!

At The Bell House in Brooklyn

Wednesday, June 8 // $10 gets you in and some tokens to play games!

Feb 17
2:30 pm14:30

Come & Take It Comedy Takeover - Houston


We're gonna be at Come & Take It Comedy Takeover in Houston, Texas on February 20th!

8:00 pm20:00

Anniversary Show at The Bell House, Brooklyn


Our Anniversary show at the Bell House in Brooklyn! We are also recording this show as part of a new mini-series for Howl (Earwolf's premium podcast service)!

Jan 31
5:30 pm17:30

Riot LA - Los Angeles' Alternative Comedy Festival


First Comes Love is coming to RIOT fest in Los Angeles! Sunday, January 31 at Five Star Bar!

Jan 23
Jan 24

San Francisco Sketchfest


First Comes Love is at SF Sketchfest this year! 11:30p at the Punchline on Saturday, January 23!

Aug 28
Aug 29

Brooklyn Comedy Festival with RON JEREMY

  • Knitting Factory, Brooklyn

A SPECIAL EVENT with guest RON JEREMY! Our second year in the Brooklyn Comedy Festival.

Knitting Factory, Brooklyn. Friday, August 28 at 11:30pm


Jun 26
9:00 pm21:00

NerdMelt Showroom - Los Angeles

  • NerdMelt Showroom

First Comes Love returns to Los Angeles! We had a blast packing out the incredible NerdMelt Showroom last time we were in town, and cannot wait for this one! At the NerdMelt Showroom, in the back of the dope Meltdown Comic Book Store.

Jun 20
10:00 pm22:00

Kansas City - ComedyCity

Jun 13
10:00 pm22:00

St. Louis - The Improv Shop

May 29
7:30 pm19:30

Knitting Factory - Brooklyn

  • Knitting Factory Brooklyn

First Comes Love returns to the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn! We bring a loose theme of 90s TV Shows! Get ready to fall out of love with your favorite childhood memories. 90s themed dance party after the show!

Doors at 7:30. Show at 8. COME EARLY.

Buy tickets BEFORE THE SHOW, and get in the raffle for RIDICULOUS PRIZES!



More Background On "First Comes Love"

First Comes Love: A Deep Dive into the Comedy Show


First Comes Love, a comedy show created by comedian Kyle Ayers, has carved out a unique niche in the comedy scene. The show took inspiration from a rather unconventional source: amateur adult film scripts solicited through a Craigslist ad. This ingenious concept has propelled the show to cult status, performing in various festivals and comedy venues across the United States. This article will delve into the origins, concept, and reception of First Comes Love, providing a comprehensive overview of this unusual and highly entertaining live event.

Origins and Concept

The inception of First Comes Love was rooted in a whimsical experiment. Ayers, driven by curiosity and perhaps a touch of boredom, posted a fake job listing on Craigslist, asking for amateur adult film scripts. The response was overwhelming, with over 1,000 submissions pouring in within a week. These submissions ranged from musicals and movie spoofs to highly imaginative personal experiences, each more bizarre than the last​.

Seeing potential in these eccentric and often hilarious scripts, Ayers decided to bring them to life on stage. First Comes Love thus became a theatrical event where comedians and audience volunteers act out these scripts verbatim. The performances included every typo and awkward dialogue, making for a show that is as much about celebrating amateur creativity as it was about comedy.

Format and Performances

First Comes Love was structured as a live reading and enactment of the scripts, complete with props, costumes, and enthusiastic audience participation. The show’s format was reminiscent of a chaotic high school play, intentionally low-budget in its aesthetics but rich in comedic value. This raw and unpolished approach added to the charm, creating an environment where spontaneity and absurdity reign supreme​.

The show has featured a roster of notable comedians, including Sasheer Zamata, Kurt Braunohler, and Tim Dillon, among others. Each performance was unique, with different scripts and cast members, ensuring that no two shows are ever the same. The eclectic mix of performers and scripts kept the audience guessing and engaged, adding to the overall unpredictability of the event​​.

Reception and Impact

First Comes Love has received positive reviews for its originality and boldness. Time Out New York describes it as a hilarious night where Ayers and his fellow comedians brought steamy, and often absurd, scenes to life with the help of the audience.

Audiences appreciated the show’s ability to blend humor with a sense of community. The interactive nature of the performances fostered a unique bond between the performers and the audience, creating a shared experience that was both entertaining and memorable. Reviews often noted the surprising creativity of the amateur scripts and the performers' ability to elevate these scripts into comedic gold​​.

Significant Performances and Festivals

First Comes Love has been a part of several major comedy festivals, cementing its reputation as a must-see event. At the SF Sketchfest, the show was praised for its originality and the seamless way it integrated audience participation into the performances. The Riot LA Festival and the Brooklyn Comedy Festival also featured the show, attracting large crowds and garnering rave reviews.

One particularly notable performance was at the Brooklyn Comedy Festival, where the show featured a special guest appearance by adult film star Ron Jeremy. This performance was a highlight for many fans and showcased the show’s ability to blend mainstream comedy with more niche and unexpected elements​​.

Podcast and Media Expansion

In addition to live performances, First Comes Love expanded into other media. It has been adapted into a podcast series available on Howl, Earwolf's premium podcast service. This adaptation allows fans to enjoy the unique humor of the show from anywhere, expanding its reach and accessibility. The podcast features recordings of live shows as well as new content, continuing to explore the bizarre world of amateur adult film scripts​.

Audience Reactions and Testimonials

Audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Many attendees were initially unsure what to expect but left the show thoroughly entertained and often surprised by the creativity and humor of the scripts. Testimonials highlight the interactive aspect of the show as a key component of its appeal. For example, one audience member recounted how she and her mother attended a show and found it to be an unexpectedly enjoyable bonding experience, despite initial reservations about the risqué content​​.

First Comes Love was more than just a comedy show; it is a celebration of creativity, spontaneity, and the unexpected. Kyle Ayers has successfully transformed a quirky idea into a beloved live event that continues to captivate audiences across the country. With its unique blend of humor, audience participation, and sheer unpredictability, First Comes Love stood out as a testament to the power of comedy to bring people together and celebrated the bizarre and the hilarious in everyday life. Whether experienced live or through its podcast, First Comes Love promised a night of laughter and memorable moments.



First Comes Love, a live comedy show created by Kyle Ayers, has garnered significant popularity and acclaim since its inception. This popularity can be attributed to several key factors, including its unique concept, engaging performances, and successful festival appearances. Here is a detailed exploration of the show's rise in popularity:

Unique Concept

The originality of First Comes Love lies at the heart of its popularity. The show’s foundation—soliciting amateur adult film scripts through a Craigslist ad and then performing these scripts live on stage—immediately sets it apart from traditional comedy shows. The scripts, filled with typos and awkward dialogue, were performed verbatim by comedians and audience volunteers. This unique premise captured the audience’s curiosity and offers a fresh comedic experience that was both hilarious and unpredictable​.

Engaging Performances

First Comes Love featured performances that were raw and unpolished, contributing to its charm. The comedians and actors involved brought the scripts to life with props, costumes, and enthusiastic audience participation. Notable comedians such as Sasheer Zamata, Kurt Braunohler, and Tim Dillon have been part of the show, adding star power and attracting a broader audience.

Festival Appearances

The show has been a highlight at various comedy festivals, which has significantly boosted its popularity. Festivals such as SF Sketchfest, the Brooklyn Comedy Festival, and Riot LA Festival have featured First Comes Love, allowing it to reach new audiences and gain critical acclaim. These festivals provided a platform for the show to showcase its unique format to comedy enthusiasts and industry professionals, further cementing its reputation​.

Positive Reviews and Word-of-Mouth

First Comes Love has received glowing reviews from both critics and audiences. Time Out New York described it as a hilarious and innovative night of comedy, praising its originality and the seamless integration of audience participation​. Audience testimonials often highlight the surprising creativity of the scripts and the performers’ ability to turn them into comedic gold. Word-of-mouth recommendations have played a crucial role in attracting new attendees, as people share their unique and entertaining experiences with friends and family.

Podcast and Media Expansion

The transition of First Comes Love into a podcast series has also contributed to its growing popularity. Available on Howl, Earwolf’s premium podcast service, the podcast allowed fans to enjoy the show’s humor from anywhere. This expansion into the digital realm broadened the show’s reach, attracting listeners who might not have the opportunity to attend a live performance. The podcast features recordings of live shows and new content, continuing to explore the bizarre world of amateur adult film scripts​​.

Community and Interactive Experience

The interactive nature of First Comes Love fostered a unique bond between the performers and the audience. The show’s format encouraged audience participation, making each performance a shared experience. This sense of community and the unpredictable, interactive environment contributed to the show’s appeal and kept audiences coming back for more. Attendees often left the show feeling like they were part of something special and memorable.